Bundle different types of flooring under one roof and save.

We cater for a combination of flooring types to be installed as one project, to save you time and money, and give you the peace of mind knowing someone you can trust, has it all under control.

With our help, it’s simple and can be achieved in just a few steps:

  • With an absolutely huge range on display, choose your new look. Why not lean on one of our friendly expert flooring consultants to help guide you through.
  • Specify which areas you would like us to finish either from a plan or we can do an on-site inspection.
  • A dedicated helpful project coordinator will then liaise with you to book your installation date. We then do the rest.
  • Your time is now yours to do the things most important to you, we will ensure your new look comes to life.

There is so much involved in coordinating multiple flooring finishes for your new home or renovation. The responsibilities of different trades can sometimes be blurred, non-more so than when multiple finishes are transitioning from one room to the next. Liaising with these trades can be a handful for even the most experienced project manager, let alone someone tackling these tasks for the first or second time.

So how does it work?

The Installation Process

All the installers we use are specially trained professionals, so you can have the confidence that every job is always performed with precision, skill and the utmost pride. Every installer must pass rigorous standards and skills screening tests to become a CTM Flooring Installer. They can also move furniture and appliances for you, if you need assistance. Our installation coordinator will send installers to your home to complete the job.

Booking Your Installation Date

We recommend allowing a 3 week notice prior to booking in installation to avoid disappointment.


Prior to your installation date, please empty all closets receiving flooring, remove all items from under beds, and remove bed coverings and any small furniture that you can move. Also, please remove pictures on the walls, including wall hangings, fragile lamps, knickknacks, glassware, and books from bookcases and small breakables from China cabinets, curio or hutches.

The installation team for an additional charge may move large items. If you choose this option, please disassemble any large furniture that we will move. Extra charges for all furniture will apply and will be detailed in your Sales Order if you have already paid for this.

We do not move computers or any electronic equipment, (including TVs, VCRs, DVD Players, computers, cable boxes, stereo’s etc.) antiques, and grand pianos (many of these should be removed professionally).

Removal of Existing Floor Covering

If you elected not to have the installers remove your existing floor covering, you must have this done prior to our arrival to install your new floor.

Removal of Appliances

Please ensure that you have any appliances disconnected and removed from any areas that require new flooring.


Make sure that adequate 240 volt power, light, water and ventilation is available prior to the installation. (This could be a concern on new home construction or an unoccupied home). Ensure complete access to site and all areas are clean, cleared of all obstructions.

When Your Installation Begins

You can expect your assigned installer to arrive between 8:00 am and 10:00 am on the first day, unless otherwise specified. If you are having us remove your existing floor covering, it will begin on this first day.

Floor Preparation

Your floors will be checked for any grinding and/or levelling that may be needed. If there is any to be done that was not in your contract, you will be notified of the charges before that work is done.

During Installation

Our installers will be working hard to ensure they provide you with the best finished result, to help them achieve this we would appreciate that you do not book any other trades to be working on site during the installation period.

After the Installation is Complete

The transition pieces and wall moulding will be installed. If you are having paint grade wall trims, please make sure that there is an adequate amount of water base paint available to the installer before it is time to install them.

Clean Up

When the installer is finished, he will make a post installation inspection with you (if you are available) to ensure your satisfaction. All scrap materials will be picked up after the installation.

Our installers use extreme care to minimize any disruptions and every effort is made to minimize dust. However, normal installations can cause minor scuffs. Expect minor touch up painting, dusting and cleaning after the installation. You should also be aware that there could be dust in area’s that does not have new floors.

You will need to refrain from using your new floor until it has properly cured.

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