Why Supply and Fix?

A brief Internet search will tell you that there are several flooring contractors in Sydney and many of them would provide good quality service as well. But most of these contractors are just installers who’ll fix materials that you’ve already purchased. This means that you’ll have to deal with another business to purchase and transport the flooring material to your location. That can be a hassle because you have to find a reliable supplier as well. So, why not choose a company that supplies and fixes your floor?

At CTM Flooring, we always aim to provide comprehensive services and reduce the burden on our customers. We believe that hiring a supply and fix company is the best decision you can make because:

  • Just One Contractor – It’s very cumbersome to deal with different contractors and suppliers at the same time. You need to adjust your schedule according to their schedule and that isn’t easy to arrange. At times, your project is delayed because the suppliers can’t provide the flooring material at a specific time and your flooring contractor can’t clear their schedule to install the floor when the supplier delivers the product. The flooring material would then sit on your property until the contractors can take up the work. You won’t have to deal with these problems if you hire a supply and fix company.
  • One Stop to Troubleshoot -If you have any problems with the flooring material or the installation, you just need to contact one company. Customers tend to get trapped between two businesses, in such situations. The material supplier might say the installation wasn’t done properly while the installer might say the materials weren’t of good quality. Before you know it, you’ve made dozens of phone calls to both businesses without any resolution. Contrastingly, if you hire a supply and fix company, you don’t need to deal with this problem. You can simply call one business and let them handle the problem.
  • Easier to Choose- Most customers put in considerable amount of effort when they choose a business to work with. They’ll research different companies, ask for quotes, references, etc. This process is time consuming and most clients would like to reduce the burden. If you hire a supply and fix company, you need to do your research only once. You won’t have to go through the entire process again to choose a good supplier.
  • Save Money -Supply and fix companies often offer discounts and sales on flooring materials. Because they have a good relationship with the material manufacturers, they can offer floors at a lower rate. Even without discounts, it’s more affordable to use a supply and fix company to handle all aspects of your floor because everything is billed at the same time by the same company.

As you can see, it’s a good idea to hire a supply and fix company for your flooring project. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at CTM Flooring. Our number is 02 9002 4140 for Sydney and 02 4322 8377 for Central Coast. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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