Which Are the Best Sites Or Magazines For Design Inspirations

If you plan to renovate your home or redesign a room, you need to find the right inspiration and get good design ideas. Not everyone can hire a professional designer to plan things for them, after all. Fortunately, there are a number of magazines and websites that will offer expert advice and publish a number of pictures that you can get inspired by. Our designers at CTM Flooring love the magazines and websites mentioned here.

Elle Décor

Most interior designers consider Elle Décor to be the holy grail of all décor magazines and that’s no surprise. The world’s top designers, experts, and influencers contribute to this magazine. If there’s something new and interesting, you can bet it’ll be mentioned in Elle Décor. It’s just a good go-to magazine with plenty of beautiful pictures and design ideas.


This is the holy grail of online destinations for design ideas and pictures. Designers from all over the world publish pictures of their recent projects, offer ideas, answer questions, and publish DIY tips. Houzz.com has an excellent collection of pictures that would give you design ideas for your home and office.

House Beautiful

This magazine isn’t as well known as Elle Décor but it has wonderful content. There are articles on design choices, paint colours, furniture styles, etc. The magazine also features beautifully shot pictures of homes and rooms. If you want good advice and inspiration, you should consider this magazine.

Style At Home

Style At Home covers everything from interiors and decorating to outdoor living and shopping. Whether you want DIY tips and tricks or inspiration on kitchen design, this magazine will work out well for you. Many experts and designers regularly contribute in Style At Home so you can expect insights on the latest trends and products.

Home Life

This is an Australian magazine so it features a number of trends and products that work for our homes and design sensibilities. The magazine covers everything from DIY to gardening so it’s a great source of all kinds of interesting information. You’ll also find a great collection of photographs that you can show your contractor to give them a better idea of what you want.


This is another classy Australian magazine with excellent content. The focus of this magazine is global so you can get inspirations from places like Sweden, New York, Belgium, etc. The magazine regularly features designs and content from experts all over the world so it’s a great resource for anyone interesting in interior design and décor.

The Old House

The Old House is the best resource for repairs, DIY, and décor ideas. Everything is explained in detail and you get advice and help from the best contractors, craftsmen, and designers in the world. If you want step-by-step explanation of repairs and renovations, this is the magazine for you.

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