What is the best cleaning solution for the general maintenance of my tiles?

Nothing beats the feeling of having freshly cleaned floors, how often and which products to use can sometimes be a little confusing. Most often the common household will clean the floor every 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the traffic in those areas.

Routine cleaning should consist of a regular mop or light scrub with a pH neutral detergent. There are many cleaning products that you can find in supermarkets and hardware stores, walking down the cleaning isle you will be faced with several products that claim to magically clean your floor with little to no effort. Stay well clear of these.

The reason being is that these products are typical general purpose cleaners that were not created for the specific purpose of keeping your tiles clean.

There are a few highly affective tile floor cleaners on the market, and we will talk about one of those today. For your routine cleaning of the floors, Aqua Mix have put together a fantastic product called Concentrated Stone and Tile Cleaner, which is diluted at around 1 part product to 80 parts water.

Using products such as this on a regular basis not only safely removes any soiling, it will also help prevent stubborn build up without doing any long term damage to the tile, grout or sealers if they have been applied. Not only this, you can rest assured that any of your water safe surfaces will not be harmed because this product is a pH neutral formula.

If you are faced with a stain or something more stubborn that persists after the general clean, then you may need to use a different product to trouble shoot area. A number of products are available in the Aqua Mix range which are design for specific cases. It is also recommended to do an annual clean of the floor with an Aqua Mix - Heavy Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner.

We recommend these simple cleaning and maintenance procedures to keep your tiles looking and feeling clean and fresh.

Aqua Mix - Concentrated Stone and Tile Cleaner

How often do I use this cleaner?

The concentrated stone and tile cleaner is ideal for everyday use.

Can I use this on any tile?

This tile cleaner is best used on all polished & un-polished natural stone, ceramic, porcelain tiles as well as grout on both un-sealed and sealed surfaces.

What is the coverage of this product?

This product is available in a 946ml, 3.8L tub. Depending on dilution the 946ml tub covers approximately 232 sqm.

How do I apply this product?

Before beginning your routine clean make sure you read the entire label at the back of the bottle.

STEP 1: Sweep, vacuum, or dust surface before mixing 30-118mL of Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner per 3.8 L of water.

STEP 2: Apply the solution to your tiles with a mop or sponge.

STEP 3: Allow to dwell for 1 to 2 minutes then agitate with a natural-bristle brush or white nylon scrub pad.

STEP 4: Do not allow solution to dry on your surface and finish cleaning process by mopping up any dirty solution.

STEP 5: Change cleaning solution at least every 25m², or as needed.

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