Timber Flooring Benefits

As a home owner or renovator it can be quite easy to choose between timber flooring or carpet in your home. You know your circumstances, if you have pets or children – or both – which do you prefer to clean and maintain, and which do you prefer the look and feel of? You definitely want to use wooden flooring, you love the colours, the hard wearing nature of the product and you just love the look and feel. Today you are faced with two main choices natural timber flooring and engineered panels.

At CTM Flooring we want to help you make the right choices for your home, budget and your needs. So what IS the difference between solid timber floor panels and engineered panels?

Solid wood or timber flooring panels are made from a single piece of milled timber while engineered floors are made from two or more layers of wood that are glued together. Of course each style of panel has its own advantages and disadvantages however engineered wood floors can be manufactured to a range of specifications and quality. Engineered floor panels have been made to recreate the look and benefits of sold timber flooring but without some of the disadvantages.

Benefits of solid wood – Solid timber wood flooring from has a better *sandable* surface this means you can sand out any deep scratches on the floor better than you can with engineered flooring. Solid timber flooring is often less expensive and less hours of work go into making solid timber panels.

Benefits of engineered wooden floors – their main advantage is they hold their shape better and are less prone to cupping, gapping and warping and the planks can be made in wider lengths and they can also be installed over existing concrete flooring or as a floating floor which means replacing any planks is easy and fast.

Solid timber flooring is usually installed with a mix of long and short planks to help improve stability while engineered flooring comes in either standard lengths or random lengths which creates a different look in your home. At CTM Flooring we can’t say one is better than the other – it’s what you think will look better in your home.

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