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Our sole purpose for being is to simplify the experience of flooring Australian homes by offering turnkey solutions under one roof, using the best value, on trend products, installed by industry specialists.

We make the shopping easy and more enjoyable than ever before. We know it’s important for you to have a beautiful floor you can enjoy for the ages.

We take extra steps in service

At CTM Flooring, we do more than sell floors - we help you select the right floor, then project co-ordinate your floor's delivery and installation. It’s an extra step for us that gives you the service and peace of mind you've been looking for.

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Have the peace of mind knowing that once you walk out of the store, we will look after the rest.

Install specialists

Get it done with someone you can trust. We’re here to help.

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Be inspired

Walk no further. Everything you need for perfect floors is at CTM flooring.

We offer fantastic value and deliver an unparalleled shopping experience. We believe that you should live beautifully; a visit to CTM The Flooring Experts you can... Live Once, Live Well.