Carpeting Your Home

Ever since carpets were first *invented* they have become a staple in homes all around the world. Carpets of today are available in a range of colours and styles and this gives you the choice of being able to add the right touch of colour to your floors at home. Carpeting is a more comfortable and often warmer option for your floors and comes in hard wearing styles that are great for families with children and pets. CTM Flooring has a range of carpets available in the right colour and style for your home, and best of all we have packages that are perfect for your home and include the cost of delivery AND installation.

The quality of the carpets you choose for your home are important, always look for a warranty that is offered by the flooring specialist – some of the packages offered by CTM include guarantees of 15 to 25 years! This is something you need to consider when choosing carpeting for your home; you want long lasting carpet that is beautiful to look at, great to walk on, but is something that can last for many years.

You also need to consider the type of pile you want in your home, again look at where the carpet is to be installed and if you have children or pets. Thicker carpets feel fantastic under foot, but are not necessarily more resilient than thinner carpets. Loop pile carpets aren’t quite as flexible as Twist pile carpets, hence ‘wear’ really well and good for high traffic areas such as hallways and stairs, but won’t feel as soft. Different carpets can be flame resistant while others are more resistant to grime, this all depends on the fiber that makes up the pile.

CTM Flooring have the style, colours and patterns available that will suit any home and any application, from replacing carpet or flooring in a property you want to renovate and rent to just updating tired looking carpeting in your own home. It is possible to turn drab flooring into a show piece. Carpeting reduces noise, is easy under foot, and keeps your home cozy and warm during winter.

CTM Flooring believe you should live beautifully  – live once and live well, call or visit one of our showrooms today – you’ll be so glad you did.

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